What is Pallet Plus?
Pallet Management Software, Made Easy!

Track pallets, bins, containers or any other equipment quickly and easily.
Pallet Plus prevent transfer errors, communicates with Chep and Loscam and reduces the time needed to keep track of equipment and supplier accounts, enabling you to reduce hire days, minimise pallet losses, and spend less on pallet accounts.

Why Pallet Plus?



We have a host of online resources provided to teach you how to use Pallet Plus. Our extensive online manual is continually updated and contains lots of helpful hints and tips along with examples for you to get the most out of Pallet Plus.


Are you a visual person? Sometimes manuals and books don’t cut it! Sometimes you just need to watch someone else do it..
Our online video tutorials will take you step by step through all processes inside Pallet Plus.
Here we will talk you through the sign up process, setting up your company, sites and users through to all your day to day functions of running your business.

One on One

We are happy to provide workshop style training sessions for all staff at a location of your choosing. Our training courses will be catered for your specific requirements and completed wherever you need. Contact us for more info.

Help Centre and Forum

If you can’t find what you’re looking for and are struggling with something, why not ask us?

Within our online help centre you can log a case, provide us with the relevant information to your query and we will get back to you with the answer you need. Easy!

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