What is Pallet Plus?
Pallet Management Software, Made Easy!

Track pallets, bins, containers or any other equipment quickly and easily.
Pallet Plus prevent transfer errors, communicates with Chep and Loscam and reduces the time needed to keep track of equipment and supplier accounts, enabling you to reduce hire days, minimise pallet losses, and spend less on pallet accounts.

Why Pallet Plus?


Feature Lite Bronze Silver Gold
Integration to Chep
Integration to Loscam
Unlimited equipment types including your own (e.g. plain pallets)
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Warehouses (Sites/Locations)
Unlimited Trading Partners
Dashboard Analytics
Extensive Reporting
Free online training
Automatic backups
No data transfer between sites
Stocktake management
Manage IOU accounts
Manage EDO’s
Manage PTA’s
Cancel anytime
No hardware investment required, just an internet browser or ipad or smartphone

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