What is Pallet Plus?
Pallet Management Software, Made Easy!

Track pallets, bins, containers or any other equipment quickly and easily.
Pallet Plus prevent transfer errors, communicates with Chep and Loscam and reduces the time needed to keep track of equipment and supplier accounts, enabling you to reduce hire days, minimise pallet losses, and spend less on pallet accounts.

Why Pallet Plus?

Unlimited Sites & Users

Unlimited Sites, unlimited users, on one centralised system. Company wide visibility for the one nominal fee. One system = up to the minute information across all sites and no data transfer.

Easy to use

A smart, intuitive user interface. Take the complication out of pallet control. With a look and feel that’s easy to understand and navigate, our UI makes pallet control concise, quick and simple.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

With our comprehensive audit trail each event that occurs in Pallet Plus is recorded, you will know everything that happens with a docket from start to finish ensuring you have all the information you pallet controller needs when reconciling invoices to make a quick yet informed decision.

Invoice Reconciliation

An easy to use and automated invoice reconciliation procedure will save you hours each month reconciling supplier invoices. Pallet Plus automates reconciliation for you, based on the tolerances relevant to your business needs, leaving you to deal only with exceptions not administration.

Manage owned & pooled equipment

Manage and keep track of both owned assets as well as pooled equipment such as pallets, crates or bins rented from suppliers like Chep & Loscam

Comprehensive Dashboards & Reporting

Comprehensive and customisable dashboards and reporting throughout, including user and management dashboards, at no extra charge